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Visit Spain: Gran Canaria Spa and Wellness

Gran Canaria Spa and Wellness

Gran Canaria is well known by its volcanic origin and landscape diversity. This diversity becomes one of the main attractions of the island and makes it worthy of the name "miniature continent”.

Dunes, deep ravines, hundred-year-old pine tree forest, thick luscious palm groves and beautiful beaches surround the island. In just one day you can move from the warm coast to the valleys and subtropical forests, or reach the highest peaks of the island. The eternal spring weather will make you enjoy an average temperature of 24ºC all the year long.


Gran Canaria tourism supply is as varied as the island itself and offer the best health and wellness guarantee, creating an unforgettable holiday to all its visitors.


Biosphere Reserve

In spite of the reduced land surface, Gran Canaria exhibits an authentic showcase of scenery, providing possibilities for one to appreciate the peculiarities of nature in the Micronesia and the wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna to their visitors. This rich nature has contributed favourably to the fact that a great part of the geographical territory has been declared a Biosphere Reserve. Gran Canaria is the island with the most diverse milieus in the Micronesia, as a result of the centralised positioning it has in relation to the Micronesia and the Archipelago of the Canary Islands.


The perfect temperature

Cool summers and warm winters. The absence of extreme temperatures and warm waters and cool winds incite leisure activities, relaxation and the enjoyment of nature at any moment. The climate is also ideal for small children as well as for many top-class sportsmen who come to train and practise all year long. The 32 protected natural sites that Gran Canaria is divided into are significant examples, not only of the diverse nature on the Island, but also of the microclimates that it holds.


Discover our heritage

Archaeological sites full of mysterious legends: caves, the remains of Pre-Hispanic settlements, engravings, paintings, idols, and numerous testimonies of a unique as well as unusual cultural customs of the aborigines: mummification. Gran Canaria has been and is the Bridge to three continents. Our Island has also witnessed the most momentous adventure in history: The discovery of the New World, cities and villages that were founded more than 500 years ago and which display the varied spectrum of styles from colonial architecture to the more contemporary styles.


Living one culture

Play a part, in our one-hundred-year-old tradition. Our legacy of being a stop-off for travellers is displayed in the open, cosmopolitan and multicultural character of the island. Partake in our folklore; just let yourself go. Also, revel in a cultural profusion: classical music, jazz, pop-rock festivals, film festivals, opera, theatre…Savour the miscegenation of our indigenous traditional and contemporary cuisine, yielding from the comings and goings between people from different continents who brought with them the wonderful and varied foods of the world, which is represented by those who one day came here to stay.


The purest Aloe Vera in the world

Aloe Vera from Gran Canaria, which is considered by experts as the “purest in the world”, is recognised and admired by specialists in the health and beauty sector throughout the world. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, its healing power and its calming effects, it has become an important element in the different treatments which are offered by our centres. The climate and the properties of the surroundings on the island of Gran Canaria make this plant grow in unique conditions.

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Gran Canaria, a healthy island


Health tourism is a sector which is having a fast increase in Gran Canaria and it is arousing those who want to have a medical treatment and enjoy their recovery in a beautiful and privileged place.


The wonderful climate, specially defined for the recalled eternal spring, is just one of the reasons why Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for enjoying Health & Wellness tourism. The competitive prices, the highly qualified professionals and the latest technology in our centres make of Gran Canaria a secure destination full of advantages and reachable in just a few hours.


Eurocanarias Oftalmológica, an Ambulatory Ophtalmological Surgery Centre on the forefront of national ophtalmology for more than 15 years, offers you the opportunity to fix your problems of myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism with the safest and most proven Intralase Laser surgery treatments, as well as of improving the aesthetics of your eyes with specialists in Oculoplastic Surgery.


San Roque Group, with more than 90 years of experience and in the European medical vanguard, offers you a touristic destination where you will be able to enjoy a few excellent vacations, as well as the possibility of receiving treatments of aesthetic, medicine, plastic surgery, medical checkups, cardiological checkups in combination with spa wide offer.


Our medical services are very close to the main tourist areas of the island and the hotels, letting people be recovered without forgetting about their holiday time. Furthermore, the leisure supply of Gran Canaria gives you the possibility of combining Health and Wellness tourism with many other activities such as relaxing on the beaches, enjoying culture and gastronomy, exploring nature and a big etcetera.


Enjoying a visit to our Wellness Centres is another option. Everything which nature provides has been complemented in our 13 Thalassotherapy and Spa centres which offer all types of techniques and services with specialised personnel including algae treatments, sea mud, treatments with aloe vera, hydrotherapy, salt baths, aromatherapy bandages and mud packs and even thalassotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexotherapy, specific massages, Vichy showers, Turkish baths, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool jets and so much more. Everything you need to recover your vital energy.


All this supply has been collected in a well-known prestige organization: Gran Canaria Spa & Wellness Association, which works in close cooperation with the Gran Canaria Tourist Board in order to promote Gran Canaria as a Health & Wellness tourism destination all over the world.


Gran Canaria takes care of you.



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