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An increasing number of UK citizens are leaving the UK on a permanent, temporary or semi-permanent basis, working as an employee or contractor for a company based in Spain, retiring or semi-retiring, or starting up and running their own businesses.  The warm climate and relaxed lifestyle in Spain is very conducive for good health and many expatriates report that they feel healthier and fitter than when they lived in the UK as conditions which thrive in cold, damp climates, like arthritis and rheumatism, get much better.


However, residing in Spain for all, part, or even just a few months of the year raises the question of where do you get healthcare treatment if and when you need it?  Do you pop back to the UK to be treated on the NHS, or get treated in your new home - Spain?


How it works?

The basic rules are that if you live within the EU but live (and work) in Spain for at least six months of the year you are not entitled to NHS treatment in the UK. (This is three months if you live outside the EU).  Anyone who lives in the UK - regardless of nationality - is entitled to free NHS care in an emergency, but not all European countries have the same policy.  Although UK expats who are retired, employed or registered self-employed in Spain will get the same health treatment as a Spanish citizen, expats who have not reached UK pensionable age, are not getting a disability pension and are not working are only entitled to emergency treatment. 


This is where international health insurance comes in.

Private medical insurance is a necessity if you do not intend to work in Spain, are under 60 years and plan to live there for a proportion of the year, or permanently.  You can take out private health cover in Spain, or buy private health insurance in the UK (or your home country).  When moving abroad it is vital that you are expertly advised regarding the selection of medical insurance plans, income protection cover, term life or critical illness cover, personal accident, travel, dental or maternity plans by a professional independent advisor or you have plenty of time to sit down and study the small print of the plethora of policies on offer.

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