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Expatriate health insurance products are designed for foreigners who are living or working in a country outside of their normal home for at least six months of the year.  Many international insurance companies advertise in expatriate magazines, and there are plenty of expatriate resources on the internet.  Some of the popular insurance companies include AXA PPP and BUPA International.  See our list of international health insurance companies


International insurance companies will only tell you about their own plans, so as an alternative, you could discuss insurance plans with an international insurance broker who works independently, and who will research the market for your specific requirements then send you some quotations and suggestions.  Although it is tempting to opt for the cheapest policy, there will be limits as to how much it will pay - if at all.  Some companies offer a fixed type of policy while others offer a core level of cover with a range of options. 


A basic policy will usually cover in-patient and day-patient treatment, post hospital treatment, nursing at home, emergency dental and complications of pregnancy, but will not cover outpatient, routine maternity, dental costs, and some illnesses and treatments, such as cancer. 

However, a more comprehensive policy will cover all the above and out-patient care and specialists, routine dental treatment, normal pregnancy and complementary care.  Most international health insurance plans include the costs of land and air private ambulances, as well as the costs of repatriation/ evacuation.  A multilingual 24-hour help line is often provided and you will find many offer general health care costs like optical and dental care as well.  Medical treatment is not restricted so you can choose doctor, specialist, clinic or hospital within Spain, a nearby country, or even in the UK.

You can buy cover as an individual, employee or self-employed person and although most international covers offer the option to include partners and children, don't assume that they are automatically covered, so again, make sure you read the small print carefully.  You could also enquire with the British Embassy in Spain about cover for students in Spain to see what they recommend, as some independent schools and colleges offer international health insurance plans to pupils. 


One important piece of advice: if you plan to take out private health insurance with a non-Spanish company, ensure you do so before you leave the UK.



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