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Spanish health insurance

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Spanish insurance is designed for people living permanently in Spain, and there are a number of companies in Spain offering health insurance cover to foreigners.  The largest and most popular are Adeslas, Asisa, Sanitas, Vital Seguros and and Danmark AS International Health Insurance.  Sanitas is used by many Spaniards and is the Spanish branch of BUPA so it is recognised and used by many Brits.


Local cover (cover offered by insurers in Spain) is increasingly available to UK citizens and some policies are good but others can be limited, so read the small print to look out for limited coverage like on surgery, medicines and the list of hospitals to choose for treatment. 

You could find that the insurers offer local cover but will not pay for transportation to the UK or other country with suitable facilities for treatment or recuperation, emergency evacuation or repatriation for you or relatives. 


Local cover is quite often just local so this restricts the hospitals which can be used to a few miles radius of where you live.  This might be OK if you are retiring and staying put in one area, but not so good if you plan to globe trot.

One advantage with Spanish Insurance polices over international policies is that payment for medical treatment is made by vouchers, versus paying up front in cash.  Although Spanish insurance is often cheaper, remember it doesn't provide such broad cover as international health policies, so it may not be such good value after all as the international insurance policies offer special policies for expatriates.  Quite often the Spanish policies only provide emergency cover abroad which is why many expatriates prefer the schemes bought from the UK. 


Decide what you need and do your homework to check exactly what the policy will and won't cover you for.  It is advisable to seek the advice of an independent broker about which plan suits you and whether you require extra cover for your family, maternity care, dentistry etc



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