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Cosmetic surgeons in Spain

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Many of the surgeons in Spain are registered with the General Medical Council in the UK.  Surgeons study for a general medical degree for five to six years at university and then they have an attachment to a teaching hospital.  In Spain the term ‘Licenciado’ confirms that a surgeon has a medical degree and is ‘licenced’. 
Basic studies for a degree in Medicine and Surgery are taken in the Medical and Surgical Faculty with a rigorous training programme and on passing this phase the Doctor can only practise in the general aspects of medicine.  In Spain a number of requisites need to be fulfilled in order to be able to practise aesthetic surgery recognised at an international level and in the European Community. 
Primarily, the professional must hold a Degree in Medicine and Surgery which establishes them as a Doctor and allows them to practice in General Medicine. To become a Specialist the graduate must then pass a national exam to enter specialist hospital training, called MIR (Medico Interno Residente), similar to the system in the UK (House Officer). This examination takes place annually and gives rise to the learning posts in Public Hospitals in which the Doctor can achieve a suitable level.  Having passed this exam the specialist programme of MIR begins which, in the case of Plastic Surgery, lasts five years. During this time the professional works exclusively as an assistant with training in emergency and critical medicine, general surgery, surgical specialities and plastic surgery including both reparative and aesthetic surgery.

To practise as a Plastic Surgeon the professional must have the title of eg Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reparative Surgery (Titulo de Medico especialista en cirugia plastica y Repadora) registered with the Ministro de educacion y cienca in Spain (Ministry of Education and Science) and surgeons must complete a period of residency in an appropriate hospital before this qualification is awarded to them.  Optionally, the professional can belong to the Scientific Society recognised by the Ministry of Health and Education and by the Medical Associations.
The doctors' official colleges are provincial entities that group all the doctors together, like the General Medical Council.  In Spain there are 52 official doctors colleges and their addresses can be found at:  www.cgcom.org/colegios/colegios.htm

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