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Breast enlargement in Spain

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"Firstly I would like to say that I am extremely happy with the results of my operation.  It has made a huge difference to me – to be able to go shopping and not have to discount 80% of tops as being “no good without assets” is a real buzz. 


I was quite fortunate – a friend also wanted the operation so the two of us have been through the whole thing together.  We both said that we would not have wanted to do it on our own – getting off the plane at Barcelona was quite scary but we were able to support each other.  If you can get someone to go with you then do.


We were met at the airport and taken to the hospital – all very efficient.   When we got to the hospital we had quite a long wait – this was a little bit difficult – we really wished that we could speak some Spanish.  The hospital was very busy and we were not able to get to our rooms straight away. 


When we got to the room everything happened very quickly. Blood test, heart check etc.  All the staff were extremely friendly – a few could speak relatively good English but even those that couldn’t always had a smile on their face.  The room itself was clean and tidy – not luxurious but perfectly fine.  At this point we were both a little nervous – myself more than my friend but as soon as Dr Benito came to see us he was happy and confident and it just passed over to us.  I took the easy option and had a “happy pill” before the operation – my friend went down to theatre first.


Once down at theatre most of the staff spoke excellent English and they were all very friendly and filled me with confidence.  I can not fault the staff at the hospital at all – they were all excellent. 


The next thing I remember is coming round.  I was attached to a drip and had drains in.  The night after the operation you get lots of pain killers and anti-biotics all via the drip.  The following day once Dr Benito has been to see you and you have had the drip out, you will be encouraged to get out of bed and walk about a bit.  This is a bit tough – you will suddenly notice the bruising a bit – sitting up is a challenge.  Once you are up you will be ok – not ready to run a marathon but feeling pretty good.  This day will drag a little bit – the tv hasn’t any English channels – take a good book with you.  Later in the day, Dr Benito come and remove the bandages and you will get the first site of the change – you will be pleased I am sure.  We found the second night quite tough – you are drained but not tired and it can be difficult to get comfortable.  We were very ready to go home the following morning.  You will find that your breasts feel very solid to start off with but they do soften up


The trip back to the airport was interesting – the suspension in the taxi was not the best and you will find yourself holding onto your new assets to stop them from hurting!  Make sure you only take a small bag with you – don’t bother with a suitcase – you won’t need a full wardrobe while you are in hospital and you won’t want to carry anything heavy.  Also choose a top that you can get on quite easily – it is a bit difficult getting your arms above your head for a day or two – although you must do this as an exercise everyday to get your mobility back.


I am now just nearing a month after the operation and can not wait to get the sports bra off and get into something more flattering.  This and sleeping on your back are definitely the worst things about the operation – but well worth it!  The other tricky thing is to resist spending a fortune in London on the follow-up visits!


The scars under the arm are healing really well – you can hardly notice them already.  There will be some bruising for a week or two and some loss of sensation – in my case the loss of sensation is under the arm and not on the breast itself.  If anything, my breasts are now more sensitive to touch which is an added bonus.  I would recommend getting some elastoplast scar reduction patches – these are expensive but do seem to keep the redness down and also stop so much scar tissue forming underneath – makes the massaging process much easier.


I hope this has helped you in your decision and that I haven’t put you off with too much detail.  If you want to talk some more about it then please feel free to give me a ring – 07977 218108 – I really won’t mind at all." 


Judith Marshall


Patient story supplied by Cosmetic Surgery Abroad, Barcelona.

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