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Liposuction and tummy tuck in Spain

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"I am Jackie and I'm and 30 years old. O.K. before any surgery I was tattooed on both arms at the top. I may have pictures, I certainly have a picture of me with the largest tattoo on my left arm, yuck!, both tattoos were eventually removed in Cambridge England July 04, leaving both arms scared, one of which, on the left arm, was horribly large and dished in shape, this scar has been treated by way of a skin graft by Dr. Benito in my last procedure carried out on 10th November 06. In this procedure on the 10th I under went Liposuction of the flanks,upper abdomen,face( a very small amount as Dr. Benito wanted to err on the side of caution) , plus a slight amount of revision lipo on my inner thigh,upper back and the back of my arms. I also had a Tummy tuck. I am only a week or so into recovery. I feel good and positive about the results (obviously I am swollen at the moment) If my last Liposuction procedure,  is anything to go by the swelling will subside quite significantly in the next 6 weeks and the results can only improve. During the last procedure, to which I refer to above, performed in April 06 also by Dr Benito in Barcelona,  I had 5 litters of fat removed from my upper and lower back, my inner and outer thighs, my upper arms and my chin.


I have also had a breast enlargement done ( my first procedure, done in around late 03) This was done in my home town of Bury St Edmunds and was also successful. My stats have gone from 5' 3" and 11.1 stone dress size 14 to 16, at the worst, to obviously still 5'3", but I now, with swelling, weigh 10 stone and am a dress size 12 and shrinking. I have gone from bra size 36 B cup to 34DD/E cup, my tummy is on it's way to being flat and I feel much more confident."


Jackie Campbell


Patient story supplied by Cosmetic Surgery Abroad, Barcelona.


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