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Upper and lower eyelid surgery in Spain

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"I had never considered cosmetic surgery or even realised that you could have it done around your eyes until I watched a programme called “10 years younger”. At the end of the show, having shown someone have upper and lower eyelids done, they gave out a website address. At the time it was more out of curiosity that I took things further and actually made an appointment, originally to see someone in London, to have the procedure done in Belgium.


After the initial consultation I came away feeling not overly confident and quite apprehensive about taking things any further. Something didn’t feel quite right.  When I got home I went back on the internet and found a website for cosmetic surgery abroad where I could request quotes for surgery from three different countries. I chose Belgium, Spain and Greece. When the replies came back I looked at the middle price which happened to be in Barcelona. They offered an all inclusive price with pick up and return to the airport and free consultation in London. I had to pay separately for flights and my first night in a hotel.


 After a lot of thought I decided to book a consultation and found myself back in London. This time the experience was completely different. I arrived at the Harley Street clinic, which was a proper clinic, not just a rented room and I was met by Dr Benito. He explained clearly what the operation involved, the risks and the benefits. He also showed me before and after pictures and also took photos of my eyes while I was there. At no time was there any pressure to go ahead with the procedure and I was advised to contact his patient co-ordinator, Aida, should I wish to proceed.


 I came away from that consultation with a clear picture of what results could be achieved and I felt comfortable with the information he had given me. As I would be travelling alone, the idea that someone would meet me at Barcelona airport was reassuring. After a couple of days of careful thought I decided to contact Aida who arranged a mutually convenient date for myself to fly out there for surgery. I made arrangements to take the fees with me and was not asked for any money as a deposit. Aida also made the hotel reservation for me.


 I flew out to Barcelona and was met by their driver who took me to the hotel. I received a phone call from Aida to arrange to meet her in the hotel reception the following morning so that she could take me to the clinic which was across the road. After the admission procedure I was taken to my room and nurses came and went, carrying out the pre-op checks. I saw Dr Benito before surgery and again when I was taken to the theatre.


 After the surgery, the nursing care was excellent. I had also had a facial peel done and they were putting cream on my face at intervals throughout the nights that I was there. I saw Dr Benito every day and on my day of discharge he called in with the relevant creams I needed and also a letter for the airline explaining what I had been through (should they ask). I waited in the hospital reception for the driver to pick me up and take me back to Barcelona airport.


 I have to say that the whole experience for me was an excellent one, and having seen the results and looked at the before and after pictures I really wish that I had found out about it years ago. I don’t think it is something that should be entered into lightly and you really do have to get as much information as possible, but I can honestly say I enjoyed my time in Barcelona and I would certainly recommend Dr Benito and his team any time!"


Sharon Pinfield


Patient story supplied by Cosmetic Surgery Abroad, Barcelona.

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