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Wayne Rooney's cousin talks about her breast surgery at Mills & Mills

Natalie Rooney
Natalie Rooney, cousin of footballer Wayne Rooney, modelling after her breast surgery at Mills & Mills
Natalie Rooney, cousin of one of the most famous footballers in the world, Wayne Rooney, was hurled into the spot light when she daringly flashed her breasts at Coleen McLoughlin’s 21st birthday bash this year.

The interest from the media was huge and this interest spurred Natalie to do something she had longed to do since she was a young girl -she wanted 'bigger boobs.'

In her pursuit for the perfect chest, Natalie contacted Mills & Mills.

“I had heard about Mills & Mills through their extensive coverage and reputation in the press and media in the UK, and also whenever I asked friends about the subject of “boobs” their name came up time and time again, so I decided to contact them and find out for myself.

Their web site was so professional and informative that I called them immediately, their friendly and co-operative response to my enquiries confirmed to me that I had found the clinic in which I wanted to have my breast surgery,” says Natalie.

Nothing was too much trouble. I had a free consultation with Dr. Lars Bolander (my surgeon). I told him I wanted to go big and he said he would do what he could but I had to be careful as my skin would only stretch a certain amount at first and that I could go bigger at a later date. He was completely honest and I felt very safe and secure with his advice.  Then after that the staff helped me organise my flights and my accommodation.

I flew to Spain with my Mum and we where picked up by Mills & Mills’ chauffeur, who took us straight to the hospital. I had lots of pre op tests and the next day I had my surgery at their wonderful hospital in beautiful Marbella,” Natalie continues, “The staff at the hospital couldn’t have done more for me they made me feel at ease and they allayed my fears. After the op my surgeon Lars came to see me and he said he was thrilled with the results, and that he had actually managed to make me an F fitting from a C. I was over the moon.

I am in heaven with my new breasts and I would recommend anyone to go to Mills & Mills for their surgery. They are an incredible company and I want to tell everyone about my experience with them. I will probably go bigger next year but for the time being I am so happy with them. My surgeon Lars has made my girlie dreams come true. What more could a girl want?"
Patient story supplied by Mills and Mills Medical Group, Marbella.

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