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MediForce: Private ambulance, patient transport and medical repatriation in the UK and Europe


MediForce is a private ambulance service providing professional medical cover to the private sector.  They offer a repatriation service to both leading medical insurance providers and individuals. This includes the arrangement of air and/or road ambulance transport. MediForce work hard to ensure patients receive high quality care when transferring between mainland Europe and hospitals near their home following illness or accidents abroad.


Additionally, they employ HPC paramedics and IHCD technicians to provide cover for a wide number of sporting venues and events including rugby, football, horse racing, polo and motor sports. They also provide medics and vehicles for the TV, film and entertainment industry, including concerts and festivals and other large gatherings.


MediForce's services

Private ambulance transfers and repatriation

MediForce have been transferring patients on behalf of some the UK's major insurance companies for a number of years. They know that patient transfers need a high degree of patient care and understanding and they pride themselves on using a sympathetic approach in addition to the clinical care that is their priority.  They always plan transfer routes to ensure patient comfort and avoid unnecessary delays.

Cross border transfers within Europe require even greater levels of planning and patient care. MediForce have successfully repatriated patients from the European Mainland to the UK and they are now offering this service direct to private individuals and hospitals in Spain and Gibraltar.  With better connectivity via EuroTunnel, road transfers have consistently proven to be the faster means of patient transfer from Northern Europe.

The cost of road transfer is very economical when compared with an air ambulance and MediForce prepare costings for each case individually to ensure the correct level of care and the most economical solution is provided.


Rapid response services

MediForce can provide rapid response vehicles for your time critical operations. They can ensure arrival of your specialist trauma or transplant team, tissue or donor organ materials using the most appropriate method.  MediForce are approved providers to NHS ambulance trusts nationwide and currently provide frontline RRVs and ambulances to help ensure that NHS Trusts meet their government targets.  Additionally, MediForce operate with a fleet of 4x4 response vehicles, providing added cover regardless of weather or terrain. 


MediForce vehicles

Private ambulance cover for events

MediForce provides private ambulance cover at a wide range of events with a variety of vehicles and static equipment.  Their 4x4 ambulances offer full off-road capability and are designed for equestrian events or activities where participants may be injured in remote locations. 

MediForce can assist in obtaining your events license; they liaise with both local councils and NHS Emergency planning officers. Their health and safety consultant can provide a full site risk assessment, necessary to ensure that your event operates safely.  They pride themselves on both their reputation and their ability to provide experienced medical cover to their clients, many of whom have continued to use MediForce for many years.


Fully equipped private ambulances and rapid response vehicles

MediForce operate from Windsor, Berkshire with a fleet of private ambulances suitable for a wide variety of operational duties: 

  • Renault Master Ambulance: Frontline and capable of carrying bariatric patients weighing up to 42 stone.

  • Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance: Designed and constructed to cope with a full Intensive Care transfer with space for the complete range of mains powered equipment and a full ITU transfer team.

  • Nissan Pathfinder Ambulance: These custom converted 4x4 vehicles can cope with any off road event and are equipped to the same frontline standard as MediForce's full size fleet, capable of carrying a patient on a stretcher in a fully recumbent position.

  • Volvo V50 & Volvo V70X: MediForce's rapid response vehicles, equipped as frontline Rapid Response Vehicles. For private events the RRVs are capable of delivering quick access to medical intervention, or for the rapid transfer of organ and blood products. Equipped with a full range of front line equipment.


Inside a MediForce ambulance

Qualified and experienced private ambulance staff

At MediForce they employ various grades of staff to suit their clients' requirements.  Their paramedics and technicians operate to JRCALC standards and are all 'enhanced checked' with the Criminal Records Bureau.  All of MediForce's paramedics are all registered with the Health Professionals Council, the only register of paramedics in the UK.


The following grades of ambulance staff are available:

  • HPC Paramedic

  • IHCD Technician

  • Emergency Medical Technician


HPC: The Health Professions Council is a statutory regulator that works to protect the health and well-being of people using the services of health professionals. They only register paramedics who meet their standards for their professional skills, behaviour and health. 

IHCD: The Institute of Health and Care Development (IHCD) paramedic award entitles holders to entry onto the State Register for Paramedics held and operated by the Health Professions Council. The awards are the training standard for those employed by NHS Ambulance Services, and are operated throughout the UK. 


Contact details

MediForce Ltd
Unit 28 Slough Business Park
94 Farnham Road

Tel: 0845 456 2223
Fax: 0845 456 2122

Email: info@mediforce.org

Website: www.mediforce.org/

Enquiries: General enquiry form or get a quotation



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