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Rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation in Spain: providers

Rehabilitation treatment

With the growing acceptance of 'medical tourism', people who need specialist rehabilitation treatment after an illness or surgery are considering treatment abroad as a low cost option. Rehabilitation is the term used to describe the process of physically restoring to health sick, injured or disabled people. Various types of treatment are available, including brain injury rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitationand orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation is the treatment of complex musculoskeletal problems. Usually these are global rather than being limited to one or two anatomic locations. This specialty focuses on improving the functional outcome for individuals with musculoskeletal disability through operative and nonoperative management. Prices for physical therapy and rehabilitation services abroad are highly competitive. Bear in mind that you will need to find out about the standards and regulations in the country where you will be treated before you travel.

Featured providers of neurorehabilitation and rehabilitation treatment in Spain From Treatment Abroad

Sorry, there are currently no featured providers of rehabilitation treatment.